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Free therapy on your phone - SilverCloud for staff

Self-help you keep in your pocket

We use our phones for all sorts of things these days, chatting to family, banking, online shopping. What if you could work on improving your mental health on your phone too? Get support on a tough day? Find tips and advice on dealing with life challenges, any time you need it?

With SilverCloud for Staff, you can. Sign up and get online therapy on your phone, laptop or tablet, 24/7. Learn how to manage stress, low mood, anxiety, improve your sleep, deal with challenging times, money worries, alcohol issues and focus on mindfulness. You can dip in for a couple of minutes, or longer, it’s up to you.

After you've signed up, you also have the option to download the free SilverCloud mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play, to make your programmes even easier to access on the go.

So, if you’re having a tough day, the support you need is right there in your pocket.

What style suits you, self-help, or supported?

Self-help: Work through SilverCloud for Staff online programme alone at your own pace, with plenty of tips, tools, videos and tried and tested techniques to learn.

Supported: You’ll be contacted to book a phone assessment with a Wellbeing Line practitioner. You’ll be registered with Talking Therapies and will get regular, online feedback from your supporter. They’ll suggest tips and modules for your specific needs, based on your messages and progress.


Try SilverCloud for staff now

“I actually surprised myself - after I had completed a couple of modules I was hooked! The programme helped me to break my problems down into smaller parts. Understanding my problem was an eye-opener for me.”
SilverCloud user

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