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SilverCloud gave me a new way of looking at stress

Stress is part of life and can often motivate us to act or to make changes. But when our stress levels remain high for too long, it can cause problems.

Stress factors can come from the outside world, like the ongoing cost of living crisis and troubling news stories. From our working environment, like heavy workloads, challenging work experiences and working relationships. And from our past, family and home life too.

Patients, colleagues and our loved ones may be stressed and irritable too of course, adding to tensions. The good news is, if you find ways to manage your stress, it can make a real difference to how you feel.

If you want to understand the sources of your stress and learn skills to handle it better, there's an evidence-based online programme that can help:

SilverCloud for staff - Space from Stress 

You can access the tips and techniques on your laptop or phone 24/7, as needed.

SilverCloud user reviews

“I liked the Life Events quiz and the Understanding my Stressors quiz. In the Life Areas tool, I rated work, family, health, fitness, social life, for how important they are to me, compared to how much time and stress they involve. There was a definite mismatch!”

“I know about stress, but SilverCloud gave me a new way of looking at it. I dip into it to get a top up of the techniques whenever I need to.”

NHS staff member and SilverCloud Space from Stress user

How stressed are you right now?

  • Take the 2-minute SilverCloud for staff quiz, to screen you for stress, mood and anxiety. Then sign up for a programme to help you handle your stress better (or pick programmes for anxiety, low mood, sleep, money worries or more).
  • If you only have a minute, give yourself a wellbeing check up at Assess your Wellbeing.

SilverCloud for Staff is open to all health and social care staff who live or work in Berkshire. If you have a non-Berkshire GP, select ‘unlisted’ in the GP box. It’s delivered by SilverCloud, supported by Talking Therapies Berkshire, in partnership with the Wellbeing Matters staff support service.

For a peek at what you can expect from SilverCloud, watch this short demo video.

Get free therapy online anytime with SilverCloud for staff - woman in yellow top with black hair 'I know about stress but SilverCloud gave me a new way of looking at it'

Need a bit more help?

If you need a chat, advice on the best support for you, or a referral, Wellbeing Matters can help. We offer free, confidential psychological support to health and social care staff in Berkshire.

Support for you

Support for your team

  • Book a team support session for you all to share experiences, challenges and ways of coping, led by a psychological practitioner. Book a team wellbeing hub now.
  • For more support for your team including wellbeing presentations, workshops, or consultations on how to help your colleagues, email

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