Support for staff during the Ukraine conflict | Our latest updates

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Support for staff during the Ukraine conflict

(Updated 11 March 2022). Wellbeing Matters is offering support to any staff with family and friends affected by the current conflict, whether in Ukraine itself, or neighbouring countries like Poland seeing a large influx of refugees. People with families and friends in Russia are also worried and we know assumptions about political views can also cause tension. 

The Wellbeing Matters team are ready to offer support and guidance to any staff members experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of any war or conflict in the world. Whether you have family or friends in affected areas now, difficult memories of conflicts, or are stressed, anxious or frustrated about the latest news reports and find it is affecting your wellbeing.  

There are many ways to help others and get support if you need it. There are some useful links below.

Or, download our guide: Ways to donate and support staff during Ukraine conflict - Wellbeing Matters.pdf 283KB

Update: Online support hubs for staff affected by the situation in Ukraine

We host online support hubs, a safe space to talk about a difficult situation, how it is affecting you and ways of coping. Ukraine support hubs were held on 9 and 24 March 2022, when we had a lot of requests for help. Although no more dates are planned, we are still offering support if you need it.

If you’re feeling anxious about the war 

If you, your colleagues, family or friends are feeling more stressed or anxious than usual after seeing news and social media about the conflict in Ukraine, this article suggested by our Wellbeing Matters staff support service has great tips to help you manage this: 

  1. Limit time on social media and news sites 
  2. Remember to practice self-care 
  3. Find positives in the everyday 
  4. Talk to a loved one 
  5. Check your sources 

See the tips in full, with practical advice: 5 Ways to Deal With War Anxiety | Ditch the Label 

Children and young people 

You may find children and young people in your family have difficulty processing the news and have questions. Some young people with access to social media are already sharing content, which may be inaccurate, or distressing. Here are links to help.

Veterans and armed forces

Visit our OpCourage webpage for specialist mental health support for UK armed forces or reserves veterans, including advice for  when events trigger traumatic feelings.


Where to donate to help Ukraine 

Other ways to support people  


Local Berkshire support groups  

Wellbeing Matters team - here to help 

If you work in health or social care, in any role at all – and you live or work in Berkshire, the Wellbeing Matters team is here to help you.

We offer staff tailored support on issues that affect your wellbeing, including anxiety and stress in connection with distressing events like the Ukrainian conflict. We can also refer you to modules you can work through, that can be helpful in dealing with challenging times.  

If you’re not sure if you’re ok and you want to give yourself a quick wellbeing check-up, visit our Assess your Wellbeing page. Or, just contact our friendly team for a chat.  

Support for you 

Support for your team 

Full list of resources  

Download Ways to donate and support staff during Ukraine conflict - Wellbeing Matters useful links 2.pdf 283KB

Please do share this document with anyone who may find it helpful.  


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