REACTMH training – how to have supportive conversations

REACTMH training – how to have supportive conversations

REACTMH® is a tool used in training, to help you to have supportive conversations with colleagues about their mental wellbeing. Research shows that many distressed people may not realise they are having difficulties, or may be reluctant, or not know how, to seek help.  

Staff working in stressful environments can find it really helpful to have these supportive conversations with colleagues who have had the ReactMH training.  

What is REACTMH training? 

  • Structured wellbeing conversation training 

  • Improves your confidence in starting supportive conversations 

  • Helps you identify, engage and support people struggling with their wellbeing 

  • Usually a 1.5 hour course, delivered online

Is there evidence that it works? 

Yes. A study into REACTMH training in the Journal of Occupational Medicine in March 2021 found that brief active listening skills training was linked with significant improvements in managers being confident in recognising, speaking with and supporting healthcare workers. 

Feedback from course attendees

“Thank you for organising this training and making it accessible to us. I think everyone should be encouraged to attend and put the skills into practice with their direct reports, colleagues and wider teams.”

"It was good to stop my usual work and think about wellbeing. The training gave a good reminder that we should always find the time for our colleagues and to look after each other."

How can Wellbeing Matters help? 

We have our own REACTMH trained staff who can train and support Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust staff. 

How to book REACT MH training

If you work for... 

How to book 

- Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
(all staff with a Berkshire healthcare email address)


Email the BOB ICB team with the following information:

  1. Your preferred training date 
  2. Your full name
  3. Your job title
  4. The Trust or organisation you work for

They will confirm course dates and how to book.

For latest dates and more details:  REACT MH Training » You Matter











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