• Let us help your team realise that we've all gone through similar things and it's normal to feel like this

Wellbeing Support Hubs

‘Wellbeing Support Hubs’ are an opportunity for teams to have a confidential and compassionate space, facilitated by a psychological therapist, to talk about current challenges and how best to cope with these.

Attending a Wellbeing Support Hub means you'll get:

  • Time to connect to your team and those working alongside you
  • Wellbeing support from a trained psychological therapist
  • A chance to discuss different ways of coping (we'll explore both helpful and unhelpful ways)
  • Space away from your day-to-day job
  • An opportunity to share positive stories and news

Our focus is on:

  • Supporting self-care for you and your team
  • Harnessing you and your teams natural resilience 
  • Encouraging and developing a sense of community and togetherness in teams

A Wellbeing Support Hub is not:

  • Somewhere to raise grievances with colleagues or managers
  • Somewhere to criticise colleagues, managers, services etc
  • Somewhere to settle disputes
  • A space for team building

How it works

We generally offer a team one Wellbeing Support Hub session, with a follow up session offered in some cases. Each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Request a 'Wellbeing Support Hub' for your team

If you're a service manager or team leader, you can request a Wellbeing Hub using our online form.

If you have any questions or just want some more information, contact us at StaffSupportService@berkshire.nhs.uk.

Feedback from staff using our service

“It’s been really valuable for the team to have a Wellbeing Hub. The team has liked having a space outside of other team meetings for people to share how they feeling and coping.  It’s helped team cohesion and reinforced that it’s ok for us to think about our own wellbeing."

“…the group had a very warm feeling, and I left feeling very proud of the team for being open to the experience and how much they have been doing to support their own and each others’ wellbeing.”